About Us!


Riches and Beyond was created with an idea to revolutionise the education system and empower people with education. 

It is about building wealth but also about the knowledge that there is so much more out there than just money. 

Legacy, financial freedom, taking your life in your hands and finally have a control of your destiny by not depending on anyone but yourself.

40 000+ students, R500+ million raised for students deals,

Lives changed forever through property!

Riches and Beyond has partnered up with South African top residential and commercial developers and created Riches and Beyond, a program that has already changed lives of many people in South Africa and is on the path to becoming international.

From total beginners and regular home owners and entrepreneurs to people willing to grow their existing property portfolio, Riches and Beyond was developed with the expertise of professional property specialists.

Riches and Beyond is a unique tool which assist the average persons transition from being stuck in the rat race or a state of lack to “purpose discovery” that leads to “personal mastery” & financial success.


Our leading program Riches and Beyond is not a company with the mission. We are a mission that has a company and we live and breathe our mission!